Così fan tutte

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The strength of human relationships

Così fan tutte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the leading examples of musical classicism, and its main topic, narrated as a comedy, is infidelity.

As a visual experiment, and taking Lars Von Trier's Dogville as our artistic direction, we will act out a scene involving a couple's "fiancée swapping".
We'll also discover the origins of this opera which ended up being scorned during the romantic age and was not performed for many years due to its supposed lack of morality.

We’ll also travel to Vienna to talk to musicologist and playwright Christoph Wagner-Trenwitz. With him, we’ll come to understand why The Magic Flute inevitably captivates all who listen to it.Finally, in Vienna’s central cemetery, we’ll try to find Mozart’s grave and, with the help of the piano, we’ll illustrate how, with his music, Mozart was able to perfectly close his circle of life.

We sit down on the shore of the Mediterranean to talk to psychologist Walter Riso why unfaithfulness can make us suffer so badly. And, in Vienna, musicologist Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz – who is an expert in Mozart – will reveal to us some of the secrets of one of the composer's most important operas. This is, without a doubt, an opera for everyone who still believes in the strength of human relationships, even if they've suffered from their partners being unfaithful.

“Così fan tutte” Salzburg Festival, 2013 UNITEL
"Orfeo ed Euridice" Festival de Música Castell de Peralada, 2011 UNITEL

Walter Riso
Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz