Don Giovanni

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The legend

To bring to light one of the most famous seducers in history, Ramón Gener will delve into the world of the night, to get to know the techniques for hooking up used by today’s Don Juans. He’ll also interview anthropologist Eudald Carbonell to explain to us why so many of these seducers need the conquest. A famous international DJ proposes a curious musical experiment: covering an aria from Mozart’s opera to make it danceable. And the world champion in billiard, Dani Sánchez, will talk to us about the relationship between Mozart and billiards. All of this to the binary rhythms, tertiary rhythms and the famous key of D minor that characterizes one of the key moments in this opera.

“Don Giovanni” Produced and conducted by Paul Czinner Salzburg Festival 1954 I.R. Maxwell Distr. Ltd., UNITEL
“Don Giovanni” Salzburg Festival 2008 ORF, ZDF/3sat, UNITEL
“Don Giovanni” Festival Sferisterio Opera Macerata Metisfilm, UNITEL 2011

Eudald Carbonell
Dani Sánchez