Richard Wagner

An inner journey

“Parsifal” was Richard Wagner’s last opera. Its story centers on the search for the Holy Grail, although it’s actually a spiritual voyage into the protagonist. Because, what is the Holy Grail? A chalice? An object?

Something else altogether? To find out, we travel to three different locations: Montségur in the south of France where we look back on the Cathars, Valencia where we visit the famous chalice kept at the cathedral as well as some people who guarantee us that it is the true Grail, and finally, the Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona where Father Bernat will talk to us about the visit they received from Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, who was positive that the Holy Grail was being kept there. And Wagner himself found inspiration in this abbey in order to create the main location of his opera. And because a kiss is so instrumental in the plot, we’ll discover how powerful one can be and how it can change a life completely. And finally, a curious fact. We’ll find out why 13 was Richard Wagner’s lucky number.


"Parsifal" Bayreuth Festival, 1998 UNITEL
"Parsifal" Bayreuth Festival, 1981 ZDF, ORF, UNITEL
"Parsifal" Zurich Opera House, 2007

Archive footage courtesy of :
Archivo del Monasterio de Montserrat
Arzobispado de Valencia

Catalina Martín
Father Bernat at the Montserrat Monastery