Pelléas et Mélisande

Philippe Jaroussky

Beauty in itself

Beauty for beauty’s sake. That is how our host defines this opera by Debussy, an impressionist work with a simple argument, but one capable of giving rise to intense emotions in whoever succumbs to its magic.

To talk about love, impressionism and Debussy himself, we’ll travel to two pivotal French cities: Rouen and Paris. Between musical and pictorial experiments, we’ll get to know the golden ratio, analyze Monet’s body of work and interview renowned German conductor Michael Boder, an expert in Debussy. Meanwhile, Guy Cogeval, director of the Orsay Museum in Paris, will talk to us about the concept of beauty in art. All this to illustrate the ethereal beauty of Claude Debussy’s music.


"Pelléas et Melisande" Ópera national de Paris, 2012 Idéale Audience, NHK, UNITEL


Michael Boder
Guy Cogeval