The Freeshooter

Carl Maria Von Weber

Our Love For Our Roots

Over 24 hours, we’ll roam the picturesque village of Aichach in the federal state of Bavaria in order to talk about one of romanticism’s first operas, “The Freeshooter” by Karl Maria Von Weber.

A setting straight out of a fairy tale, Aichach is where the main action in this opera written in 1820 takes place, an opera through which the author tried to convey his love for a country’s roots, traditions, legends and culture. To talk about it, we chat with the director of the Aichach Museum, with the winner of the local shooting contest and with journalist Pepe Rodríguez who tells us about the devil, one of the key characters in this story. We’ll also walk through the gardens of Empress Sissi’s home at the time of her birth, and we’ll listen to cellist Carla Romera, accompanied by our host on piano, as she plays one of the most famous arias from this opera.

"Der Freischütz" Ludwigsburg Festival 1988 Südwestfunk Baden-Baden, UNITEL
"Tannhäuser" Gran Teatre del Liceu Barcelona, UNITEL, 2008
"Aida" Teatro Regio di Parma, UNITEL, 2

Pepe Rodríguez
Carla Romera