The Magic Flute

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Return to childhood

The Magic Flute is the ideal opera for all ages, from children to seniors. That’s why on today’s who we’re going to the Pinoduero elementary school situated in the Spanish town of Tudela de Duero.

There, not only will we talk to the 7-year old 1st graders about the opera, but also to their parents. With the kids, we’ll relive and enjoy The Magic Flute as a tale of princes and princesses, while with the parents we’ll discover all the masonic symbolism that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—who was a mason himself—hid within this marvelous, universal work.
With neuroscience educator Jordi A. Jauset, we’ll try to discover the positive effect that is produced in our brains when listening to the music of the genius from Salzburg, known as the Mozart Effect.

We’ll also travel to Vienna to talk to musicologist and playwright Christoph Wagner-Trenwitz. With him, we’ll come to understand why The Magic Flute inevitably captivates all who listen to it.Finally, in Vienna’s central cemetery, we’ll try to find Mozart’s grave and, with the help of the piano, we’ll illustrate how, with his music, Mozart was able to perfectly close his circle of life.

"The Magic Flute" Salzburg Festival, 2006 UNITEL, ORF

Clarinet and orchestra concert in A Major, KV 622, 2nd movement, Adagio Wolfgang Adameus Mozart OBC, director: Salvador Mas Soloist: Laura Ruiz (clarinet) Music by the OBC and recorded by Catalunya Música

Jordi A. Jauset
Christoph Wagner-Trenwitz