Giacomo Puccini

A crime thriller

Rome, the eternal city, is the setting for this show. It’s also the city where the action in “Tosca” unfolds, a thriller ith all the elements of a genre film. To unveil what these elements are, Ramon Gener seeks out the help of students from the Rome Film School, exchanges confidences with American soprano Sondra Rodvanosky and interviews tenor Ambroggio Maestri, as well as Rosella Vodret, a historian who is an expert in Carvaggio, the painter of violence. But “Tosca” is also a great romance. An Italian-style love story. And who knows more about love than the Italians?

“Tosca” UNITEL 1976
“Tosca” Bayerische Staatsoper 2010 UNITEL, BR, Arte


Sondra Rodvanosky
Ambroggio Maestri
Rosella Vodret