• How can I see This is Opera?

Watching This is Opera is easy. Once you have made the purchase you can download it directly onto your computer, tablet or Smart TV from our website or download it using the link that we will send you by e-mail

  • Which video player do I use?

To visualize correctly This is Opera we recommend that you use the VLC media player. You can download it for free at this link.

  • How can I watch This is Opera on my television?

If you have a Smart TV, you just need to download it directly onto your television. If you don’t have a Smart TV, the best way is to download it onto your computer, copy the files onto a pen-drive and then watch it on your television from the pen-drive whenever you want.

  • What formats are available?

The two complete seasons and the individual episodes of This is Opera are only available in mp4 format. They are not available on CD or DVD.

How many times can I download?

You have a maximum of three downloads for each purchase, so you can watch the episodes on up to three different devices.

  • Where is This is Opera available?

            This is Opera is only available from our online store:


  • How can I obtain an invoice for my purchases?
  • During the purchase process there is an option to request an invoice.