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November 21, 2017     TIO    
 Name  Peter Wybrow
 Message  To: The Sales Department
RE: #TIO602017 November 19, 2017 99,99£
Dear Sir/Madam
On Sunday I purchased Series 1 and 2 of This is Opera as a Christmas Gift for my wife. The Sample I had received from you, Series 1, Episode 1, Carmen, had English subtitles. I ordered in English and paid in pounds sterling assuming I would receive the English subtitled version. We are English but we live in Spain and I paid with my UK credit card. On beginning to download the episodes on a thumb drive in preparation for Christmas I discovered that they\’re the Spanish Version. i wrote to the enquiries people yesterday and they have replied that I should ask for you to supply the English subtitled version is that possible. If so i will delete the files previously sent.
Thank you in anticipation,
Peter Wybrow
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